About The CS Weekly

About Me

Hi! My name is John. I have been in Customer Success in one form or another for over two decades, most of that in tech. My skills and knowledge in this field have earned me recognition from big employers like Apple, as well as small ones like Crowd Ox.

What is this?

There are a lot of great Customer Success departments out there, but there are also a lot of poorly-run teams, too - probably more than the good ones. I want to share some of my expertise with you, from generating loyalty among customers to showing managers and founders how to get the best from their CS team.

On the roadmap are podcasts, live Q&As, and even workshops, but for now, I’ll be writing once a week (and occasionally more often) on topics of interest to CS representatives, managers, and even organizations at large. My focus is on tech companies, but much of what I talk about can be applied to any kind of customer service, even retail. (I worked at Apple Retail Stores for eight years, and so many of the more important lessons I learned were from my time there.)

Is this really free?

Yes, the weekly newsletter is free!

Soon, I’ll be offering paid subscriptions for access to more in-depth topics and other content. Most likely, access to Q&As and podcasts will be behind this paywall, but nothing is certain yet. However, what is certain is that the weekly newsletter will be free for the foreseeable future. (In other words, the future is never certain, though I have no plans to charge for the main weekly content.)

Of course, the best way to know what this is all about is to subscribe to the free newsletter! I really look forward to hearing your thoughts and engaging with my readers.