Contribute to The CS Weekly

Here is how you can contribute to our community

Everybody can benefit from more great voices in Customer Success. If you're in the field, and want to contribute, here are ways you can do just that:

  • Ask for advice. Do you have a question about how to handle a specific CS issue? Or are you a manager with issues with your team? Whatever it is, ask your question, and perhaps it'll be the subject of a newsletter.
  • Write a guest post. I'd love to run well-written one-off guest posts by those in the field, particularly if you're in the tech industry. Topics can include communication, metrics, or how tools help you to provide service.
  • Be a podcast guest. On the roadmap, there are podcasts planned! And you - yes, you! - could be a guest.

If any of these options interest you, use the handy contact form to reach out.